Hybrid Solar System

What is a hybrid system and can I have one of those? A hybrid system is a grid connect system with back up batteries and is useful in two ways.

First and foremost is that if you are putting most of the solar power you make back into the grid during the day as you are at work or school and you are on the new 8cents feed in tariff its not a bad idea rather than selling power to the grid you may as well charge your batteries with it and then you can use your stored power at night and let the solar recharge your batteries the next day.

Please note that once the batteries are charged you will still export any additional kilowatt hours to the grid, and if the batteries go flat or reach their pre-set limits you will switch back to grid power.

The other handy thing is that in the event of a power blackout you will still have power available, until the battery power is gone or reaches its pre-set limit.

This system is only used where the customer has grid or mains power.

Is there any other options available? If you would like to have some backup power available in the event of a blackout (when on grid power) there is a new type of inverter that has an inbuilt battery storage that will give you a limited amount of power in the event of a power blackout.