Stand alone solar

Stand alone or off grid solar systems have become a lot more affordable in the last year or two.

What is Off-Grid solar and should I be looking into it? Off-Grid or stand-alone solar systems are a solar system that has no connection to the Grid, and in place of the Electricity Grid supplying your power at night and on very cloudy days you use a bank of batteries to draw power when there is little or no power being generated from your solar panels. This system is generally used by people who have been quoted a very high price to connect to the grid generally because they are in remote locations.

How do I know what sized stand-alone system will suit me? A detailed load analysis is the only way to ensure that your stand-alone system is sized to meet your requirements. This means we have to work out how much your average daily load is and size your system accordingly, some companies charge $250 to do a load analysis (it does take a bit of work) but we do it as part of our quoting procedure.

What about a backup generator? We always recommend that a customer include a backup generator in the overall stand-alone system. This is because you are bound to get situations where you need to use more power than we have calculated for and or there will be times when we have a long spell of rainy overcast days where the solar panels don’t generate their usual average amount of power per day.

How much will a stand-alone system cost? It all depends on how much power you need available per day, we have seen prices fall a lot over the last year or so, we have been selling some systems around $20K and others up around$40K, so the answer is we need to work it out.