Solar Panel Prices

This great, free online tool will tell you how much solar you are likely to need to cover your power bill and will also tell you the price of the system you are likely to need.

(If you haven’t already looked around our website we are one of South Australia’s oldest family owned solar companies and have installed solar on more than 2000 homes around the state. We are told we are currently the second largest South Australian installer based on government records for STC creation this year)

Please fill in the form below and we will give you instant online access to our solar calculator, system pricing and current specials without making you jump through any hoops.

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If you have any questions after viewing our prices please call us on 1300 658 654

What we have learned about solar power over the last 5 years:

  • Installing solar panels on a hot day is a tough job;
  • 95% of people are great to deal with;
  • There is an enormous difference in reliability between one brand of solar power inverter and another ( SMA Sunny Boy and Italian Aurora inverters are the best by the length of the straight); and
  • Our prices on solar systems with SMA and Aurora inverters are always around the best in the market and this is why we let you see our prices immediately when you register, without being made to speak to a sales person. We are one of the only solar power companies that does this.

Why don’t more solar power companies put their prices online ?

Well, for one thing they want to make it hard for consumers to accurately compare one quote against another.

Secondly, many of the companies in the solar power industry today used to sell roller shutters, insulation or roof restorations and in these industries it is common to use high pressure “must buy today”, in home sales tactics.

Such sales tactics rely on the fact that consumers are uninformed about market pricing because they typically seek to sell low cost brands as premium products at super premium prices. ( I am so sick of having vunerable people (usually elderly) ring up and hearing the stories of how they have been conned by hard nosed sales tactics)

These sales tactics don’t work if people have access to good information. This is why we put our system pricing online. We think it helps to keep the whole industry honest and hopefully will convey to you that we are an honest, straight forward company to deal with. The only reason we now make people register to see our prices is to stop them being used by our competitors as easily. (They can work out their own pricing)

Please be assured that if you accurately (we verify phone numbers and email addresses) complete the form above, (or to the right) we will instantly display you our installed solar system prices.

We will not use your data for any purpose other than to contact you about a solar system and your data will not be sold to third parties.

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