6.5 kW solar system price Adelaide

A 6.5kW solar power system has become a more and more popular size of solar power system in Adelaide over the last year or so.

As such Solar Wholesalers has for the first time offered a specific special on 6.5kW solar systems.

We are currently offering a great 6.5kW solar special in Adelaide and around most of South Australia.

We are offering a 6.5kw system with the top of the range Italian made Aurora PowerOne 6000 inverter and our Sunrise Solartech panels. This is great value and the cheapest we have ever offered this system to the market, click here to see pricing.

This special finishes at the end of the month. To get a formal quote click here.

This system is popular because most people have now realised that solar is such a good investment that you may as well go as big as you can. So for those of you lucky enough to have a roof that fits a 6.5kw solar power system in Adelaide you have a great option on this special