Solar Panel Installation

We are the best-value Solar Panel Installers

Solar Wholesalers pride themselves on offering the best value solar system prices in Adelaide . No, that doesn’t mean we’re the cheapest (because this would necessitate the use of low quality inverters).

Our promise to clients is to provide the best value for money

We install only the best – Sunrise Solartech and the Tier One Jinko 260Watt panels, coupled with high quality SMA or Aurora PowerOne inverters. 

Since 2008 we’ve installed over 2000 solar systems across Adelaide and surrounding rural areas, and by installing only the highest quality components in our solar systems we ensure our customers investment will work for a very long time.

What’s involved in a solar system installation ?

Preferably not a very hot day!

Generally your solar power installation process starts with you getting a formal quote from one of the guys in our office. This has a lot of information in it about energy yield, warranty terms, STC’s, model numbers and other useful information. Sam, Colleen and James will be happy to help you with any questions you may have along the way.

Then, if you decide to go ahead you fill in the last page of the quote and either scan and email it back to us, fax it to 83916618 or post it to the office.

On the last page of our solar quote we get from you all the information we need to get approval for your system from the power utility and your power retailer.

There is usually a wait of about 3-5 weeks from sign off and payment of the deposit until we are ready to come out and install your system. This usually works out pretty well as it usually takes around this long to get an appointment to change over your meter and install a bio-directional solar meter.

Our CEC accredited installers will come to your house on the scheduled day, and (depending on the size of the system) spend most of the day there.

They’ll mount your new solar panels on your roof, and install the wiring back through to your inverter – which is normally mounted near your power box for easy access.

Once the switch is flicked ‘ON’ your house will instantly start benefiting from your newly installed solar system.