Solar industry set for huge year in 2015

SA is already leading the nation in solar power uptake. By the end of 2012 there was already one in 6 houses in SA that had installed a solar power system and many more installed systems during 2013 and 2014.

However, 2015 is likely to see a year as busy or more busy than the last two years with installations of solar set to skyrocket if the government abolishes solar subsidies as many think it will this year.

Not long ago the federal government announced a “review” into the RET or Renewable Energy Target, now its the RET that creates the STC,s stay with me people. The STC,s or small scale technology certificates are what we give to you the customer as a discount off the upfront price of a solar system, we then sell them when we have enough to sell. You see only big polluters have to by STC’s to offset their pollution, and they only buy big job lots of STC’s that’s basically why solar companies mess about with STC,s because its to hard for an individual person or business.

The demand for solar is likely to explode once people realise that there is a good chance there will be no subsidies left for solar by the end of the year, this would mean that the price of a 5kW system will jump by $3,500.

Interestingly at the moment there is not much out in the media about it but we have already seen a  jump in enquiries from the commercial sector looking to go into very large solar systems.

This does make a lot of sense as a 100kW solar system would jump around $70,000 in price. I think a lot of residential solar will be sold once people know what’s going on regards to the RET.