Solar Power Rebate Information

Solar Credits STC Scheme 2014

The main solar rebate scheme for residential solar power is now the SRES or Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme.

This is a federal solar incentive program and should not be confused with the solar feed in tariff rules that are state based regulations.

Both residential and commercial solar power systems are eligible for assistance under the scheme.

Solar power systems that are eligible under the rebate scheme are entitled to create STC’s based on the estimated future output of their solar systems measured in megawatt hours (MWh).

One STC equates to 1 Megawatt hour of production. STC’s were previously known as REC’s

For solar systems less than 100 kw an owner of the system is entitled to claim 15 years worth of STC’s up front when they install the system.

South Australia is in Zone 3 for STC’s and so we are able to create 20.7 STC’s per kw of peak capacity solar that we install.

Most solar customers assign the STC’s to which their system is entitled to their installer  to receive the value of the STC’s as a discount off the purchase price of their solar system.

Those wishing to retain their STC’s to hold or trade themselves are able to do so and will need to do all the applicable paperwork themselves. We do not recommend this because if you get the paperwork wrong you can lose the value of your STC’s. It also means you have to pay more for your system upfront.

The government has announced a review into the SRES and Solar Credits rebate scheme which in my opinion is more likely to be bad news than good. As such I would recommend that customers secure their solar system and have it installed as soon as possible.