Sunrise Solartech solar panels

Sunrise 230 Watt Multi-crystalline solar module

Sunrise are a large manufacturer of solar panels, with 300MW of production capacity. There are several reasons why we currently stock and recommend Sunrise Multi-crystalline panels:

  • Sunrise have significant investments in R&D, and continue to be at the forefront of solar technologies.
  • Sunrise modules have no negative power tolerance putting them in the upper group of brands for performance quality.
  • Sunrise are a low cost Chinese manufacturer that have given us a written guarantee that they only use A grade cells in the manufacture of their panels.
  • It seems to us that the quality of their product is very similar to the quality of a Suntech or Trina product but the pricing is 10-15% below Suntech or Trina pricing. As such we think there is a sound economic argument for considering their product.
  • Although we have only been selling Sunrise panels since mid 2011 other Australian wholesalers have been using Sunrise panels for several years without any negative complaints on consumer forums websites.
  • The Sunrise module warranty is insured by Chubb.
  • Sunrise now have representation in Australia for customer support.

Here is a link to Sunrise’s website (opens in a new page).

Here is the specification sheet for the current model of Sunrise panel we are using (8mb PDF)

Here is a link to the Sunrise panel warranty information (58kb PDF)

Features of the Sunrise modules

  • solar cells offer high conversion efficiency of up to 18% for Monocrystalline and 16% for Polycrystalline cells
  • positive power tolerance + 3%, no negative power tolerance
  • produced with rigorous quality control standards and a worldwide certification program
  • power output warranty of 25 years with warranty insured by Chubb Insurance
  • strong R&D program keeps Sunrise products at the leading edge of solar technology and continues to increase efficiencies and reduce costs
  • continued growth in capacity enables Sunrise to provide excellent customer service of high quality solar energy products
  • solar design solutions that are redefining architectural designs across the globe

View Sunrise 230 watt multicrystalline solar panel specifications (8mb PDF)