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Commercial Solar with no upfront cost.

( Cash flow positive from day 1)

Solar Wholesalers is one of the first solar power companies in Australia to offer Solar Power Purchase Agreements (“SPPA”) with no up front costs and with power generated by the systems being sold to you at far less than what you are likely to be paying for daytime power from your power retailer.

These solar power purchase agreements allow you to see savings straight away without the need to make your own investment in the capital costs of a solar system.

The way the program works is that we fund 100% of the costs of installing the system on your businesses roof and we charge you a low rate, around 22 cents, for the power produced by the system that you use within your premises. Given that most people are paying over 30 cents per kilowatt hour for power this allows you to make significant savings from day one and just as importantly gives you a locked in power price for your daytime power that will not go up over coming years.

Solar Wholesalers Solar PPA agreements can be assigned to a purchaser if you sell your house or business.

How does our Solar PPA product differ from a normal commercial lease.

With a normal commercial lease for a solar power system ( which we also do) you tend to find that the monthly repayments for the 4 or 5 year term are about the same as the cost savings generated by the system. As such there is no cash flow benefit to your business while you are making the repayments but after repayments are made you get 100% of the benefit of the system.

With the Solar PPA, because we fund the installation and charge you a rate that is generally around 10 cents per kilowatt hour cheaper than what you are currrently paying for your most expensive daytime power you see a saving from day one of around 30% on your power bills.

Solar PPA agreements can be bought out after 8 years. This buy out figure is generally  less that the accumulated savings the system has delivered to you over that 8 year period and so if you simply bank up that savings then after 8 years you can have a solar system paid off without ever making any net investment in it.

Solar PPA agreements are only available to sites that meet our requirements. These requirements generally include a minimum level of daytime power usage and an acceptable credit history. Terms and conditions and other eligibility criteria apply.

Please call our office of you would like to discuss the PPA program

Solar Share