Wholesale Electricity companies seek 5% price rise

South Australian’s may be paying an extra 5% for their electricity purchased from the grid as early as July 1st. The 5% increase has been asked for by the wholesale electricity producers via the federal regulators.

I find it interesting that they claim the increase is necessary due to peaky load demands, and at the same time we know that solar power helps with peak load demands on the few days that extra power is needed due to very hot weather.

In fact a few years ago the electricity industry claimed it would need to spend around 100 million to address peak loads for hot days in SA. I don’t believe they have had to spend anywhere near that as the large amount of solar installed over the last couple of years has had a real impact on peak demand.

So in a nutshell the Federal Government wants to kill off the solar industry and the electricity companies claim they need to address peaky loads, now we KNOW that solar helps with peaky loads but that somehow does not seem to matter to either the federal government or wholesale electricity producers, go figure.

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